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Do you want to excel as a seamless scientific researcher?

Do you want to unstuck your scientific writing?

Yes, I Want to know the Secrets

In this Webinar, You will Learn

1. The Intelli-Researcher Scientific Research Model and How it shortcuts & speeds up your research in a smart way.

2. Ultimate Secrets to Scientific Writing

3. Ultimate Secrets to Scientific Publishing

4. Reasons why becoming an Intelli-Researcher gives you a competitive edge for your career and future

5. Exactly what to do in this Long and ardours journey step by step and reach the marvellous opportunity land beyond.

Yes, I want to know the Secrets

Whom this is for?

1. A Struggling researcher who feels like a rudderless boat.

2. A researcher who needs to get his/her research works published.

3. Aspiring researcher who wants to know the 5 secrets to hasten the research.

4. A scientific dreamer who wants to contribute to the society.

Yes, I want to know the Secrets
  • We are going to Reveal

    A) How to digitally excel & evolve as a Researcher in this Corona Crisis (Become Digital Fit) ?

    B) How to quickly get published as a Scientific Author ?

    C) How to Fasten your PhD Research ?

    D) You know a lot of future technology arenas and research areas.

    E) Even if you are an doctorate expert or scholar or Student, this webinar will benefit you for lifetime in different ways.

  • Why this Webinar is Special?

    A) Exclusive for Researchers

    B) Fireproof your Future

    All Subject & Domain Researchers can participate.

  • Note: Webinar Prerequisites:

    1. Note the date, block your calendar & time. Keep a sticky note in your computer

    2. Block 90 minutes , 07.00 pm to 09.00 pm

    3. SMS Reminder- Enter your Number to SMS Reminder

    4. Come atleast 10 minutes earlier

    5. Use only desktop computer / Laptop, don't use Mobile

    6. Close all other tabs & have only the webinar tab

    7. Close all streaming sites running in backgroud like youtube, netflix, amazon prime, etc.,

    8. Check if ongoing downloads are paused / closed

    9. Have a Note & Pen, don't take e-notes

    10. Make sure no one else is using your internet environment & webinar streaming requires good internet speed. Check your internet speed at http://speedtest.net/

    11. Make sure your environment is Noise Free

    12. During webinar take notes & prepare for asking questions. Q & A Session will be at the End.

    13. Only 200 Seats are avaliable.

    14. E-Certificate will be emailed.

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