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Research Mentoring

Do You Feel Overwhelmed at the thought of Proceeding with your Ph.D. Research? Are you Having Trouble Getting the Support that you Need from your Mentor? Do you feel like you will Never Finish your Ph.D. Research? Are you tired of Traveling without a clear, Mapped out Plan of how to Reach your Goal? If ‘Yes’ is your Answer to at least one of those Questions, We have got some Great News for you... We have Developed Research Mentoring for those Who are Feeling Lost and Need Experts Help. We can help you to get clear on How to Finish your Ph.D. Research and Become Dr. (Your Name)

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Research Mentoring

Many Researchers who work with us are Looking for help with understanding the Research process and interpreting chair feedback.

As well, many others are primarily looking for accountability, intensive mentoring, and support to move to the next phase in their study.

We Understand the Despair, Frustration, and Discomfort that Accompanies Research Work. We know that you want to succeed and thrive, but we also are aware of the sheer willpower that is involved in being able to stay on track, especially without detriment to your mental or even physical well-being.

As a Scientific Research Guidance Organization, we help you take back control of your academic workload, with a fresh new perspective and practical assistance that will ease your stress and provide you with true, genuine support.

As a dedicated team of methodologists, statisticians, professors, researchers, programmers, executive coaches, and curriculum developers, We know the World of Academics and how to Successfully Complete a Ph.D. Research.

We are the ONLY Mentoring Program that Provides

Individual, one-on-one Personal Mentoring in all Areas of your Ph.D. Research.

Multiple Program Length options, including 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks based upon your individual needs.

Worldwide Reputation among Doctoral Researchers, universities, and committee chairpersons for our results-oriented mentoring

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What Will You Learn?

It’s not about the Syllabus! Experience our Unique Mentoring Methodology to Deliver Knowledge!

  • Exploring the Scientific Research Process and Procedures.

    Understanding Science and Pseudoscience - Features of a Scientific Research- Defining Concepts, Theories, and Paradigms - Formulating the Research Question - Falsifiability in Research - Anonymous peer Review Process

  • Path to the Successful Research Proposal

    Defining the research problem - Collecting the appropriate review of literature - Exploring the research gap - Confining the research title - Framing the novel concept - Developing the research methodology

  • Correctness of Research Methodology

    Framing the Research Problem - Formulating the research questions and objectives - Hypothesis creation - Choosing the right research design - Selecting the data collection techniques & Instruments - Freezing the data population size. - Learn to choose the appropriate statistical techniques - How to conduct the experimentation/ analysis - Interpretations and implications - Drafting conclusions and recommendations.

  • Ways Leading to Publishable Journal Papers

    How to frame an Accurate and Attractive title - Effective Abstract writing and framing Keywords - Drafting the outline of the Research Paper - How to organize the elements of a Research Paper - Justification /Validation of the Results - Incorporating References - Selecting the suitable journal for Publishing your Article

  • Path for Systematic Literature Review Paper Writing

    Identify the research problem - Framing an attractive and appropriate title - Selection of suitable sources - Synthesizing the contents into critical and coherent reviews - Identifying the research gap - Drafting the Conclusion

  • Journey to Publication Support

    Reviewing the Manuscript - Selection of Suitable Journal - Language and Grammar Check - Plagiarism check - Formatting the Manuscript as per the Journal Guidelines - Incorporating the References and Citations - Drafting Cover Letter - Submission to Journal - Rectifying Reviewer Comments and Communication to Journal

  • Successful Experimentation / Data Analysis

    Defining Objectives - Deciding Research Design - Selection of variables - Framing Questionnaire and Hypothesis - Collecting Data - Conducting Pilot Study - Performing Suitable Analysis - Drafting the Findings - Validating the findings and Suggesting the Recommendation

  • Effective Synopsis

    Framing the Abstract - Outlining the Contents - Need for Research - Objectives of Research - How to include the Published - Research Papers into the Synopsis - Framing Research Methodology - Incorporate the Performance Validation - Drafting the Conclusions - Effective ways to incorporate Bibliography - Plagiarism Reduction

  • Roadmap for Thesis Writing

    How to frame the outline of Chapters - Abstract Writing - Analyse the Appropriate Source for literature Review writing - Supportive strong Literature review - Detailing of research Methodology - How to include the Published Research Papers into the thesis - How to present the Results and Discussions - Drafting the conclusion and Future Scope - Effective ways to incorporate Bibliography - Plagiarism Reduction.

  • Patenting Your Research

    A deep learning on novelty search techniques - Patent- ability search - Invalidity search - Freedom to operate search - Landscape search and more - Framing the abstract and title - Drafting the Background of the invention - Summarizing the inventions - Incorporating the Illustrations - Figures and drawings - Briefing the description - Framing Claims - Procedures for applying patents

Success Stories

Individual, one-on-one Personal Mentoring in all Areas of your Ph.D. Research


Hello, my first mentor session was great. Aristocrat team gaves me tones of advise and offered a lot of support. I am feeling like i can get through this!! I have goals establihsed for this week and look forward to the next session. Thanks

Melkiyore Katta

Pune, India

I cannot begin to tell you how much the guidance and support i receive from your team. I am trying to finish chapter 4 an my chair continues to be vague and gives strange feedback. I have recommended this program to a colleague and he has enrolled with much success as well.

Saleem Almazok

Dubai, UAE

After i came back to the line for the decision on my proposal defense, I could hear the smile in my chairs oice as he said congratulations. Thank you Aristocrat.

Ananya Mehta

Delhi, India

Successfully defended my dissertation yesterday! Thank you again for all the help getting there Aristocrat!!!


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Research Mentoring

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