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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the subjects can you assist with?
    • At Aristocrat, we assist all subjects’ PhD except vernacular languages (Eg: Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, etc)

  • Do I need to sign up for a membership?
    • No! Unlike some other tutoring and consulting pedagogy, you do not need to sign up for a monthly membership. Simply let us know what kind of help you need, when you need it, and we’ll provide you with a reasonable quote.

  • How much do your pedagogy cost?
    • Quotes are provided on a case by case basis, and are generally determined by how many hours of our expert’s time will be required. Our students often tell us that they find our prices extremely reasonable for the convenience and quality of assistance we provide – not to mention the stress relief! Importantly, it costs nothing to find out and get a quote, so fill out our form now!

  • Who are your ‘experts’?
    • Our experts are successful post-graduates, PhD holders and scholars, teachers, and other academic professionals. At Aristocrat, we only accept staff with outstanding academic records and a proven ability to complete work to a very high standard. This way, you get the best possible assistance from someone who knows what it takes to succeed in your area of study.

  • I am studying a very obscure/difficult/specific topic. Will you be able to help me?
    • We have several experts at Aristocrat. Whether you’re studying science or liberal arts, medicine or law, creative arts, business or any other discipline, we’re here to help. If you need advanced help with, for example, an original research topic, please feel free to enquire and we’ll let you know who amongst our experts can help.

  • Will you be able to fulfill citation and academic integrity requirements?
    • Aristocrat is fully familiar with a variety of different citation and academic referencing systems, including APA and Harvard, as well as University and college academic integrity rules. All written work produced in the course of your tutoring or consulting pedagogy is guaranteed 100% original.

  • How are your pedagogy delivered?
    • Our pedagogy are delivered flexibly online, which means that we can assist people worldwide. To get started, all you need is an email and a phone number!

  • I would like to remain confidential. Are you able to ensure that?
    • Our business values your privacy. We recognize that our reputation is dependent upon it and at all times strive to keep you completely satisfied. To be able to join hands with us, it is necessary to give a few personal information. However, we ensure that they will certainly not be disclosed to any 3rd party.

  • I wish to pay for my work after it is sent. Will it be possible?
    • Regrettably not. We offer pre-paid custom writing expertise, meaning initially you have to pay for your order, after that the writer will begin working on it. Keep in mind, that we are certain to deliver the order, which will fulfill all your instructions. For this reason, we accept the payment at the start only. However, we offer you installment options and flexible payment options as well.

  • When may I expect my paper to be finished?
    • We work according to the requirement of the clients. We have a wide selection of deadline options, thereby making sure you get the ideal paper you require on time.

  • Can there be a risk of plagiarism in the writing?
    • We strive hard to enable plagiarism free writings and 100% unique contents. To ensure flawless high quality writings, we have in addition, contracted an accurate online plagiarism checking platform. Aristocrat ensures that all researched materials will be accurately cited and referenced. Kindly note in the event you order proofreading/editing/rewriting of a document - you must ensure that the initial document is not plagiarized.

  • What is Novel Conceptualization?
    • Novel Conceptualization is a one page write up or framework of your research in the chosen domain, which highlights the unique and new (never done) research idea. It is the brain child (intellectual property) of us that is transferred to you.

  • What is abstract?
    • It is a write up where the entire research is compressed and written in 1 or 2 pages along with the keywords.

  • What is Research Proposal / Pre Research Synopsis?
    • It is a 6 – 12 pages proposal prepared according to specified university’s format to be submitted in the university for Doctoral committee meeting review.

  • What are the types of research paper writing pedagogy for publication you provide?
    • A) Conference papers writing for publication,
      B) Review Paper writing for publication
      C) Original research paper writing for publication.

  • What is the process of Publication?
    • Once the paper is uploaded to the publisher, the editor of the scientific publication pedagogy provider sends the manuscript for anonymous peer review process, whereby a set of qualified reviewers scrutinizes it and sends their comments or acceptance.

  • Will you support us for publication work till the gets published?
    • Yes. Definitely

  • What is Plagiarism Correction pedagogy?
    • a) A document which has at least 60-70% of originally is eligible for plagiarism correction pedagogy

      b) A document which has less than (60-70%) of originality is eligible for plagiarism free writing pedagogy.

  • What are the tools mostly used for research implementation?
    • MATLAB, NS2, NS3, JAVA, SPSS, OMNeT++, OPNET, QualNet, Scilab, simulink, openCV and Mininet.

  • What is a synopsis?
    • It is a condensed form of Thesis, submitted prior to the thesis submission.

  • What is a Thesis?
    • A thesis is a detailed write up about the entire research (150 – 200 pages – It may vary according to the university guidelines).

  • What is Proof reading?
    • Proof reading is the process of enhancement of the document in terms of Grammar check, punctuation check, content flow, Language improvisation, Alignment, fonts. Plagiarism Correction is not included in proofreading pedagogy.