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All About Scientific Research - Masterclass

Scientific Research | Research Process | Publication

Date: December 2, Saturday | Time: 9.00am to 12.00pm


This masterclass brings awareness to academicians to become more effective scientific writers, using practical examples and exercises. Topics include principles of good scientific writing, tricks for writing faster and with less anxiety, the format of a scientific manuscript, peer review, grant proposal writing, ethical issues in scientific publication, and how to effective analytical research laboratory works.

This research master class covers all basic skills and topics of the scientific writing process, structure, and style of a scientific manuscript. It is not mandatory for participants to be writing an article at the time of the class, but if you wish, you may submit a draft for discussion and feedback.


Participants include

► Teacher

► Professor

► Scientist

► Researcher and

► Students from Universities, Colleges, Research Institutes and R & D institutes.

► All Branches of Ph.D., M.E., MBA., M.Sc., B.E., B.Sc., BBA., M.Phil., M.Pharm., B.Pharm.,

We Give You

□ Practical guidelines for scientific writing task.

□ Special attention for beginners.

□ “How to start, how to determine what you have to say, how to overcome writing blocks, how to compose a coherent line of thought?

□ Provide Examples and Exercises.

□ The principles - tricks with less anxiety - format for good scientific writing.

□ Solve the ethical issues in scientific publication, and how to do the effective analytical research laboratory works.


1.The systematic method for writing and revision.

2.How to design a paper and structure of sections (Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion)

3.How to frame the research question and your key message.

4. How to build paragraphs: coherence, use of conjunctions, topic sentences.

5. The academic style: characteristics, vocabulary, passive or active voice, sentence length, cautious language, verb tenses.

6. How to write critically: argumentation.

7. To make long and short-term plans for your research.

8. To monitor the progress and quality of your research.

9. To distill your research idea into a few sentences.


Dr. A. Azariah Samuel., B. Pharm., M.Tech., MBA., Ph. D., D. Litt., PGDFA.,
Founder & Director, Aristocrat.